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Our Story

Langen Motorcycles was born out of passion to create motorcycles unlike anything else on the road, pushing the boundaries of modern technology and innovation whilst capturing the very essence and emotion of riding a motorcycle.

Working on the philosophy that motorcycles should provide raw excitement to ride and be a pleasure to stand and admire. Form and function can work in perfect harmony.

We sincerely hope you enjoy sharing this journey with us and helping to create a new chapter of British motorcycle history.

Our Vision

Spread joy through the power of 2 wheels.

Our Mission

Create machines that unite advancement and innovation with art and emotion.

Our Bike

Ultra lightweight two stroke roadster – a nimble, powerful track weapon disguised as a typically British elegant machine.

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Our Process

We believe that Great Britain should once again be a leader in motorcycle development and manufacture. The design, development and testing process is carried out in house by a bunch of passionate and highly experienced motorcycle designers, engineers, builders and riders.

Low volume manufacture enables quality to be controlled precisely on every component. Each part is constructed to exacting standards using either modern methods such as 5-axis CNC machining and additive manufacturing or hand crafted using traditional methods such as carbon fibre lay ups and gold leaf gilding.

During the design and build of the motorcycle each new owner will have an input over the final design, ergonomics, geometry to truly create a unique machine and a lasting relationship with the team that designed and built their bike.

Get to know…

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After 10 years as the Chief Design Engineer at CCM Motorcycles, bringing to life motorcycles such as the groundbreaking GP450 lightweight adventure bike along with the beautiful CCM Spitfire range, Christofer Ratcliffe aka ‘Langen’ decided to break the shackles of a large company to create a new British motorcycle brand with some special new motorcycles.

Bringing back the

‘Ton-Up’ days!

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A big inspiration for Langen Motorcycles was ‘Ton-Up’ and the ‘Ton-Up Boys’, a 1950s British Café Racer motorcycle subculture with the aim of going over 100 miles per hour.

‘Ton-Up Boys’ would remove any unnecessary parts that would increase weight or air drag and reduce a motorcycle’s overall performance. This resulted in the birth of the British Café Racer as motorcycles were adapted to have barely anything on them; from a single seat and under-swept pipes, to low bars and no mirrors! They were then ridden to cafés across the country for gatherings of like-minded people, appreciating each others ‘Ton-Up’ motorcycles.

These were the biking days we remember and loved, whether you were a ‘Rocker, Leather Boy or Ton-Up Boy’ or just experienced the memories and music from parents and loved ones. Langen’s idea for an ‘old school’ style stroker but with modern technology and performance was even partly inspired by his dad, who once worked at Cotton/CCM Motorcycles on their 250cc IOMTT road racers.

We want to go from past memories to new ones so these wonderful motorcycles and the people that love them can enjoy the ‘Ton-Up’ days once again!


…lightweight café racer could be the ultimate stroker

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…you can’t beat two-strokes for power output in a lightweight package

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…this bike will change direction like a frickin’ mosquito and be terrific fun to ride

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